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Installation SerDia 4.0 V16.0.0

SerDia 4.0 is the new generation of the diagnostic software for DEUTZ engines and will be released via DEUTZ Update Tool.
With this update you will be prepared for all future developments of SerDia such as digital products making your daily work easier.

To install SerDia 4.0 please download the automatical Serdia-Updater (DEUTZ Update Tool).
After installing the update tool an engine icon will appear in the windows taskbar.
By opening the Update Tool in the taskbar you can manually search for SerDia 4.0 updates.
The updater will also search for updates automatically each time, the user will restart the PC.
If the Update Tool will find an update, or the user has to perform a first time installation,
the installation process will start automatically after downloading the installation package.


Please note: SerDia2010 will no longer be executable from 1st of August 2023! Please install SerDia 4.0 via DEUTZ Update Tool.

For the automatic activation of the new SerDia 4.0 licence, the registration in the DEUTZ Central User Administration (ZNV) is necessary.

If you are already registered but have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgotten your password?" function. A new activation link will then be sent to you.​
If you haven’t yet visited the above page, please check your email inbox for the following:

PRZ-DEUTZ Applikationen Sales & Service / Anwender Registrierung

The email contains a link that allows you to register.

If you have not received any access data by email, please urgently contact your administrator of the DEUTZ Central User Administration (ZNV) in your organisation.

If you do not know the SerDia administrator, please let us know the interface number so that we can provide you with the contact person in your organisation.​

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